The house

& Portrait

Champagne Édouard Prétrot is a vision.

A legacy that Sara (great granddaughter of Edouard) and Frédéric, are keeping alive by giving a second wind to the ambition of the house which today embodies the audacity and determination that its founder showed in his time and that it has received as a legacy.

The strength of ideas...

Édouard initiated the wine history of the Prétrot family. Daring creator and skilful winemaker, a man of
convictions driven by a spirit of constant vigilance, he was one of the pioneers in his family and in
his village of Fleury-la-Rivière, to vinify his grapes at the beginning of the 20th century, at the height
of the golden age of Champagne.

A hard worker, a pure and hard winemaker, he was an aesthete blender and a lover of the good things in life.
Self-taught, he had the gift of recognizing a good opportunity when it presented itself to him and a certain talent to provoke his destiny.

His unfailing determination made him a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary. These values have been
passed down from generation to generation and are fiercely defended by the company, for whom no step is too high.

We promote champagne as a wine
of excellence and exception

Like Edouard in his time, the House likes to ask itself the right questions, to question
its own certainties. It relies on a spirit that combines creative ingenuity and mathematical intuition
a left and a right brain, in perpetual motion.

She has a pious wish to become a name in Champagne, an ambassador of the region
of its founder. Promoting Champagne as a wine of excellence and exception.

Her major asset lies in her great knowledge and her continuous observation of the world of Champagne
world of the Champagne region: she knows the smallest corner as well as all its beauty and
beauty and radiance.

A free house, driven by strong convictions.

3 cuvées, 3 grape varieties, 3 terroirs

For the novice in search of discovery or the connoisseur in search of pure sensations, Edouard Prétrot’s
champagnes all have the ambition to transmit his passion for his region and his terroir.

Join the House in its march forward; follow it in its permanent quest for the
most beautiful typicities of the Champagne region.